Eagle, VP of Rolling Thunder Motorcycle Club, had the business smarts to buy the Forest Breeze BDSM club in Saigon when its owners put it up for sale under mysterious circumstances. Thanks to his acquisitions, his MC now enjoys a prosperity Eagle intends to increase as Rolling Thunder takes over more and more territory in the Mekong Delta.

With his brothers at his back and his mentor in charge of the club, Eagle’s life revolves around his bike and his tech passion until fate throws him a curve. A sexy young American woman is kidnapped and brought to the Rolling Thunder compound… one that may be a danger to his club.

Forced by the circumstances to take her under his protection, Rachel becomes Eagle’s unwelcome responsibility as he works to uncover her local connections while fighting his attraction to her.

motorcycleRachel has just finished law school in the States and is visiting her mother and stepfather who live part-time in the Mekong. While minding her own business in town, she is unexpectedly abducted and suddenly finds herself in an MC compound and taken under the care of Eagle.

As Rachel attempts to figure out who these rough people are and what this unusual club does, she finds herself struggling resist the appeal of its very compelling VP. When events take a turn for the violent, Rachel is swept along on a journey she could never have dreamed.

A surprising chemistry develops as MC officer Eagle and civilian Rachel face a rising threat to the people they love in CAPTURED by Julie Tetel Andresen. Available now on the Amazon Kindle library.

Note: Eagle is Australian, and his POV uses Australian spellings. Rachel is American, and her POV uses American spelling.

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“A reading experience that leaves me feeling like I actually knew the characters, lived in their skins and in their time for a while is…for me…the magic that good writing is all about.”