Demarco's Cafe
After her first year in law school, Dayna DeMarco returns to her family’s café in SoHo, suspecting financial problems. With her father’s failing health, the pressure of keeping DeMarco’s Café running, and a mounting heap of financial pressures, Dayna has no time for distractions or frivolous pleasures.

New to the neighborhood is Bo Grisham, a talented musician who notices Dayna while playing a gig with his band at DeMarco’s Café. He finds the quintessential city girl charming and makes a play for her anyway, suspecting a hidden damsel in distress.

Bo’s persistence and country boy charms overcome Dayna’s initial resistance, and she starts to find herself letting down her guard to enjoy his company. Still, she is pretty sure he spells trouble, and Bo is pretty sure he’ll soon be moving on.

Neither can predict how events concerning the café’s future will change their hearts. When Mr. DeMarco’s health takes a turn for the worse and new financial challenges arise, Bo must decide the best way to proceed—and find out whether he can help Dayna without scaring her off forever.

Step into DEMARCO’S CAFÉ – available now on the Amazon Kindle library from Julie Tetel Andresen.

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“Julie Tetel Andresen’s exquisite attention to detail, easy, unselfconscious narrative, and hip dialogue immerses one in a café culture of art and music…”