Knocked Out
Brisa, an MMA specialist, travels the world with her secretive organization, fighting to stamp out human trafficking. Though she is no stranger to violence, this latest trip to Saigon represents the final act of a human trafficking drama that has spanned years. Maintaining focus is key, and not even a flirtatious biker can break hers. starsWings, the newly designated VP of Rolling Thunder MC, finds Brisa very distracting. Very few women came into Ron’s training gym—and fewer still reject his advances. Can Wings find a way to win Brisa’s heart? Will Brisa and her organization finally bring the Forest Breeze trafficking ring to justice? KNOCKED OUT, the third and final installment in Julie Tetel Andresen’s Forest Breeze trilogy, was released on September 8, 2015.

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“Ms. Andresen’s books never fail because she crafts dialogue that creates real and intelligent people that I want to get to know. I also enjoy following Andresen around the world to peek into her masterful renderings of past, present and future.”