Tied Up

Ten years ago, Nate Wilkins and Sarah Hamilton missed their chance. They pursued their own lives and built successful careers—him as a federal agent traveling around the world, her as a successful advocate for international children’s rights, raising a daughter alone. Now Nate and Sarah are brought together on an international task force, assigned to uncover the truth about a brazen ring of child traffickers.

While on the trail of an out-of-place stranger, Nate and Sarah stumble into the Forest Breeze, Saigon’s most exclusive BDSM club…and find themselves in a dangerous charade. Forced to adapt quickly, Nate, a one-time Dom, uncovers Sarah’s long-hidden inner submissive.

whipShocked by what they found—and even more by her unspoken yearnings—Sarah and Nate find themselves drawn deeper and deeper into the world of BDSM. As they explore their new relationship, Nate becomes more and more suspicious of the activities under way at the Forest Breeze… and more and more entranced by Sarah.

When a child is kidnapped, Nate and Sarah must return to the Forest Breeze for an all-too-public encore—an exhibition which will show them that power runs both ways.

Watch as Nate and Sarah get TIED UP in a mission that will change their lives forever. Available now on the Amazon Kindle library.

This story contains scenes of white-hot sex, a loving Dom with a yearning for rope work, a natural submissive, and realistic family and community relationships.

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“I’ve never read another BDSM like this.”